Please read the instruction mandatory before filling application online


This application can be best viewed in INTERNET EXPLORER Version 10.0

2. Back button of the browser should not be used at any stage of filling the application.


The online application consists of few steps i.e. Registration, Main Application,  Submit.


Please Keep ready a Soft copy of your photograph and your authorized representative on behalf of you, if any, before filling the Online Application. The photographs of the applicant(s) and the authorised representative must be less than 1MB in size of (.JPG) format.


The applicants can pay a single EMD of Rs. 2,00,000/- To encourage the number of applicants and to give wider range of options to the applicants, for One application multiple plots can be selected by the applicant  by paying the application fee as shown below. A maximum number of 36 Plots are allowed to apply in one application.


i)                   Out of total 36 plots, if any applicant  want to apply for multiple plots, the application fee is as follows


No. of Plots selected per Application

Application fee


Rs. 1000

6-10 Rs. 2000


ii)                 The Application fee is same as above, if any applicant, who is willing to apply jointly with one or more joint partners. In that case, a maximum of Three Applicants can apply jointly in one application.


 Two Seperate D.Ds for the amount of EMD and Application Fee should be obtained in favor of The METROPOLITAN COMMISSIONER, VMRDA, VISAKHAPATNAM from any Indian Scheduled Bank.



Single plot or multiple plots can be applied jointly (not exceeding three persons) subject to the condition that these 3 persons will not apply for the same plot/multiple plots in individual capacity. If found, both the applications will be rejected. The registration will happen in all the names applied. No subsequent change will be entertained.


Check the furnished details given in the application page wise  before final submission. Once the application is submitted, the furnished details cannot be changed.


There is a provision for opting multiple plots with a single application.


The applicant should remember the username and password given at the registration form for login into the VMRDA Online Application System for taking printout of the application, admission cum auction slips, tracking the status of the application and Notification messages regarding auction from VMRDA time to time.


The applicants can go through the details of vacant plots available at different layouts provided in the home page of VMRDA online application system for auction.


The upset price of the Plots are given in the informaation along with the list of vacant plots . The auction will be knocked down for the plot in favour of the highest bidder. Soon after such knocking down, the highest bid rate will be accepted by the auctioning authority and such acceptance shall be binding on the applicant. The highest bid itself will not confer any right for confirmation of allotment. VUDA cannot be questioned for the same


The application form, Terms and Conditions, shall be signed on each page invariably. Failure to submit the signed terms and conditions along with application will entail in rejection of the application.


The applicant and the authorized representative of the applicant, if any, should sign in the application. The authorized representative of the applicant is not permitted to sign the main application or the Terms and Conditions on behalf of the applicant , but allowed to participate in the auction on behalf of the applicant being authorized by the applicant in the prescribed format provided in the application prior to the auction.


Take Printout of your application after successful submission.

Take printout the admission cum auction slips which you should produce at the time of auction at the Auction venue that serve as both admission pass as well authorization to participate in the auction of the respective plot written on the Slip. The applicant should see that the Admission cum Auction slips must be get stamped and signed by the VUDA Authorities at the reception counter in the auction venue.


The complete application (main application along with Terms and Conditions) enclosing the TWO D.Ds (one for EMD & one for the Application Fee) for the correct amount should be kept in an envelope addressing to the Metropolitan Commissioner, VMRDA, Visakhapatnam mentioning the layout name (s) on top of the envelop and

·         Drop the application into the drop box kept available near the office of The Secretary, 8th Floor, VMRDA Udyog Bhavan, Siripuram, Visakhapatnam or

·         Send by Registered post to The Secretary, 8th Floor, VMRDA Udyog Bhavan, Siripuram, Visakhapatnam-530003.The application should reach within time prescribed.


The declaration of the Individual in the application for accepting the terms and conditions of application for the vacant plots and the procedure of allotment of plots by auction are final w.r.t existing rules and regulations governing the organization and accordingly, the decision of the MC, VMRDA in the entire matter is final for all purposes.

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