•   (Kindly take a prinout of the Terms & Conditions, Sign and submit along with a copy of the Payment receipt cum booking confirmation acknowledgement at the time of occupying the booked venue)

    1.  VUDA Children's Arena Bookings are NOT ALLOWED FOR MARRIAGES/POLITICAL MEETINGS/CAMPAIGNS. For all other purposes, the bookings are allowed only through Online Booking.

    2.  In case of any Urgency from the Government or its Departments, VUDA has the right to cancel any advance bookings made by the customers on any date, any venue. However, VUDA will communicate the same to the customer and the full amount paid by the customer will be refunded through online mode.

    3.  Advance Booking for an event is allowed upto 365 days from the date of booking. Cancellation charges are applicable in case of any cancellations of the confirmed bookings. Charges for cancellation: 90 days before the event date-20% ; 60 days before the event date-30% ; 30 days before the event date-50% and Less than 30 days before the event date-100% of the Rental Amount will be collected as the cancellation charge. How ever, the security deposite amount will be refunded.

    4.  As the payments for booking of Ground floor/First floor (Rent+Security Deposit+18% GST on Rent) is ONLINE PAYMENT, the customer should contact their respective Banker only for any Refunds for the failure Booking cases, in case of the Amount is debited. All types of Bank Cards of all Banks including net banking are allowed.

    5.  For successful bookings, the customer should contac the manager,VUDA Children's Arena for occupation and vacating the venues and should strictly follow the terms and conditions of VUDA time to time. The security deposit will be refunded to the customer Bank Account Number provided during their registrtion after deducting the electrical charges and damage charges, if any, after sufficient time for estimation of the charges.

    6.  The accommodation could be ouupied ONE HOUR before the booked time slot. The accommodation allotted shall be used for the purpose which it is allotted and no grievances will be entertained in this regard.

    7.  The authorized organizer of the event/function shall remain in the VUDA children’s arena until the event/function is completed and he/she is responsible for the smooth functioning of the event/function without inviting any untoward incidents.

    8.  The normal hours for move‐in/ move‐out in the VUDA Children’s Arena will be as permitted at the time of making application

    9.  The time for commencing and ending performance in the VUDA Children’s Arena is as per allotment conditions and it must be adhered to precisely or else an additional rent will be charged proportionately to the final billing.

    10.  Displays, booths, easels or other items are not allowed in the lobbies or corridors of the VUDA Children’s Arena without prior request (in writing) and approval. No political banners or posters are allowed in the premises of VUDA Children’s Arena.

    11.  Banners, drapes, and other objects shall not be hung from ceiling, conduits, light fixtures, sprinkler pipes or other piping.

    12.  No changes, alterations, repairs, painting, staining, or the doing of anything that will change the finish, appearance or contours of the building will be permitted.

    13.  The decorator, event manager /organizer should contact the VUDA Children’s Arena before undertaking decorations, décor setup and procedure must be submitted in writing to the VUDA Children’s Arena for approval by the manager of the VUDA Children’s Arena.

    14.  The entrances must be cleared of debris and no cars or trucks are to be parked near these entrances except for loading and unloading.

    15.  The pathways, passageways, halls, stairways and exits shall not be obstructed at any time.

    16.  There shall not be any displays or exhibits outside the building without the approval of VUDA.

    17.  No electrical wiring shall be done except by VUDA Children’s Arena personnel.

    18.  All animals are prohibited unless they are part of the show. In the show where it is permitted, proper care must be taken to maintain cleanliness so as not to spoil the environment by spread of foul smell. The event manager / organizer should also ensure the safety of the spectators.

    19.  The allotted accommodation/space shall not be given as share to others for conducting / organizing any event/function in the VUDA Children’s Arena.

    20.  The entrance of any special equipment (such as cranes, carts, lift trucks etc) in Children’s Arena is prohibited.

    21.  VIP and storage utility rooms are not included in the accommodation/space allotted. These are exclusively for VUDA Children’s Arena use only. No goods, equipment or furniture are allowed in the VUDA Children’s Arena without the approval of the secretary, VUDA.

    22.  The VUDA Children’s Arena retains the right to regulate the volume of any sound, whether it be music, voice, special or artificial effects to the extent that the same interferes with other allotter within the facilities or is determined to be offensive ot otherwise violates the terms of the service provided.

    23.  All concerns/complaints should be brought to the attention of the caretaker/manager at multipurpose auditorium in VUDA Children’s Arena for necessary action.

    24.  The allotter/organizer or their representative shall be invoiced for the number of security guards required for event/function. The number of security guards required is determined by the VUDA Children’s Arena on the basis of the particulars given by the event organizer.

    25.  Only an authorized technician of the VUDA Children’s Arena shall operate the A/V equipment and/or any other equipment available in the VUDA Children’s Arena. The allotter will be invoiced for any operating technician fee.

    26.  Only such facilities which are feasible and manageable can be considered to be provided in the VUDA Children’s Arena for which additional charges shall be payable as may be fixed.

    27.  If the allottee intends to cancel the programme after confirmation of the allotment, only 50% of the amount paid towards hiring charges will be refunded.

    28.  Allotment is non-transferable.

    29.  The allotment can be cancelled at any time by the Management of VUDA in the event of priority is being given to another programme or unforeseen circumstances such as repairs, administrative emergencies etc.

    30.  No damage should be caused to the auditorium and it’s surroundings. If any damage is done by the organizing agency / individual they will have to bear the cost of such damage and the cost of damage will be recovered from the security deposit.

    31.  Eatables, soft drinks and other food items brought from outside are not permitted to be sold in the premises.Alcoholic beverage will not be allowed to be brought into the premises.

    32.  For children arena, ac plant will be operated subject to availability of power supply form eastern power distribution company (APEPDCL). During power cuts PA system, fans and essential lighting will be operated.

    33.  The multipurpose auditorium and theatre are meant for cultural, social, spiritual and educational functions Only Political meetings / campaigns etc are not permitted.

    34.  The permission for maximum closing time for the programme is 10 pm as given by the police department.

    35.  A fine of Rs: 5000/- will be charged if the dias of multipurpose auditorium and theatre /premises is not maintained neat and clean or damaged/extended/modified AND the actual cost of the items will be charged for any damages.

    36.  VUDA is not responsible for any LOSS or THEFT during the event. You may please take care of your belongings.

    I/ we………………………………………............ hereby undertake to abide by the above terms and conditions of allotment in the VUDA Children’s Arena.


    Signature of the Applicant

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